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Please be aware that the answers we have given here to the FAQs are guidelines only, and should not be relied on for legal purposes. Many of them need to be clarified with the park owner/manager.

Can you borrow money to buy a park home?

No. The banks will not use them as security.

What is the procedure once I have decided to purchase?

You sign a purchasing contract with Park Homes for Living.  When this is  completed you sign an occupancy contract with the park owner/manager.  If, for some reason, you cannot sign an occupancy contract, then the purchasing contract lapses.

Do you pay stamp duty when buying a park home?

No.  There is no land involved.

Some parks have closed down. How safe is this one?

We are given to understand that the parks we work with will be there for the foreseeable future.

How long is the rental agreement for the permanent occupancy of the park?

This varies with the parks.

How much is the weekly rent?

This varies with the parks. It ranges from around $160.00 to $210.00 per week.

Can you have a dog?

Each park has its own policy.

Do the parks offer community facilities?

Not a lot. They are not designed for intensive community living.  There may be a swimming pool and sometimes a club house.

Are there facilities for storing a caravan?

There are in most parks, but there may be a cost involved.

Are there any age restrictions for occupancy?

This varies with the parks.  Generally the parks are designed for the more mature members of the population.

Why should I choose Park Homes for Living to market and sell my home?

Park Homes for Living has the experience, expertise, web-site and a regular advertisement in The Sunday Times, specifically designed to assist people to sell their park homes.